2020 Toyota C-HR Electric and Turbo models

2020 Toyota C-HR electric

The 2020 Toyota C-HR is the newest and the smallest crossover in the company’s lineup. The new model will bring some interesting changes. One of them is the arrival of the electric drivetrain. However, this one is coming to the Chinese market for sure, while the Japanese carmaker is not unveiling release date of the EV for other markets. This is a big update for the lineup, although we expected a hybrid engine.

The US market could get the PHEV before the all-electric crossover steps into this area. But, for North America, Toyota could also deliver a turbo engine. All-wheel drive is a big wish, and it is a must-have for the 2020 Toyota C-HR. the subcompact crossover had a huge debut when it presented the new styling. But now, fans got used to it and they expect updates. The next season will bring either refresh or the new generation.

2020 Toyota C-HR redesign

2020 Toyota C-HR AWD and Specs

Currently, the C-HR crossover is available only with a front-wheel drive system. Each year since its arrival we thought Toyota will upgrade the offer with the new configuration. Well, a couple of years ago, vehicle’s rivals were not using an all-wheel drive. Now, the situation is changed and the 2020 Toyota C-HR AWD is one of the priorities for the Japanese company. This will bring another option to buyers who love extra balance and traction.

The standard drivetrain remains the same. It is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder model with 145 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. A continuously variable transmission sends power to front wheels. Toyota will keep the same gearbox for the AWD setup. Combined, the new 2020 Toyota C-HR is going to return nearly 30 mpg. All-wheel drive will consume more fuel.

Turbo and Hybrid Engine

The 2020 Toyota C-HR turbo will be able to deliver extra power. This is another optional feature for the crossover that will position it better in the subcompact segment. With the turbochargers, this engine could provide more than 250 hp, which becomes too much. The company could make it a performance-oriented version. But, engineers can make a minor boost by retuning the existing drivetrain, as they did for the Lexus UX subcompact model. It creates 170 horsepower.

While the turbo model is still a mystery, we believe that 2020 Toyota C-HR Hybrid is going to borrow the drivetrain from Lexus UX 250h. A 2.0-liter petrol engine paired with a 24-kW battery produces 180 hp, while its torque level remains the same. It is a bit quicker than the standard drivetrain while returning 40 mpg combined at the same time. This is definitely a better upgrade than a turbo model.

2020 Toyota C-HR interior

All-Electric 2020 Toyota C-HR Is Ready

The company announced the 2020 Toyota C-HR Electric but gave no specifications. We know that crossover is coming in China with a slightly updated look. The new C-HR EV is going to be a city vehicle with a range over 200 miles. The system will use both rear-wheel drive and the AWD configuration. However, chiefs have spoken about differences in various markets. Anyway, they were not precise about the things we can expect in the US. For example, we could hear that C-HR AWD was not available there because it was too slow for US buyers.

The company already announced that production of the new EV will start early next year. Well, we could hear some long-term plans about the future electric lineup. Ambitions are to sell nearly 6 million electric units in the next 10 years. Since the arrival of Prius electric car more than 20 years ago, Toyota managed to sell over 13 million of different electrified vehicles. Now, when the market opens for such drivetrains, we expect even higher sales.


We are not sure what kind of exterior changes the 2020 Toyota C-HR could bring. The crossover is offering one of the most distinctive stylings in the automotive industry. To change it, Toyota must present something more stunning, which is hard to happen. Still, minor updates will make the C-HR fresh, more aerodynamic and aesthetic.

Inside the crossover, there is no too much space. Toyota will keep the current lineup of trim levels – LE, XLE, and Limited. Of course, electric drivetrains will have a special squad. The safety is one of the advantages of the subcompact model, especially with Safety Sense package that comes with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic braking.

2020 Toyota C-HR Price

The base 2020 Toyota C-HR will cost the same as its predecessor. The Japanese company is not giving an advantage to its rivals by increasing the price. However, upper trim levels with more options must cost more. The starting MSRP for the C-HR will be $21,000. Hybrid will definitely add around $2,000 as well as an eventual turbo engine. We believe the value of AWD models will be around $1,000-1,200. An electric model is the most expensive one. It will b close to $30k.

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