2020 VW Touareg Drops V8, Replaces it with Hybrid

2020 VW Touareg changes

Touareg used to be the largest SUV in the US market until VW replaced it. Now, the Volkswagen Atlas is a three-row mid-size model which is nearly 200 inches long. However, the 2020 VW Touareg is still one of the most popular models in Europe with total sales exceeding one million! The SUV is on the market since 2002 and its popularity will continue to grow, no matter if it is not available in the US.

The current model is still fresh. The latest generation has started this year and the 2020 VW Touareg is not bringing any major changes. But, it is a farewell edition for a V8 diesel engine. Well, the scandal is one of the reasons why Volkswagen replaced Touareg in the US. The company will probably replace it with a hybrid drivetrain with better fuel economy. Still, this version can’t match outputs of a V8 beast.

2020 VW Touareg one million

One Million Edition


The new 2020 VW Touareg will use petrol and diesel engines. The SUV gets power from V6 displacements, while some markets are still offering a V8 unit. This is the last run for the engine. Volkswagen tuned it to deliver 335 ho and 590 pound-feet (800 Nm) of torque. It was the quickest option that can sprint 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. However, the maximum speed came from a 4.2-liter petrol engine, which was discontinued in 2014 after the big redesign. It is not the only one since the company cut the hybrid drivetrain from the squad as well.

So, the remaining lineup offers 3.0-liter displacements that use either petrol or diesel fuel. The second one is more popular and covers more markets. Standard configuration delivers 255 horsepower. In the previous generation, this BlueMotion unit was able to crunch out 245 hp. The new model also increases torque by 50 Nm for 600 Nm total. Designers managed to save some weight, but even the diet doesn’t make Touareg too fast. The SUV can sprint to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds.

2020 VW Touareg specs

Petrol Configurations

We are waiting for updates about the gasoline options. The sales will start soon and we can’t believe that diesel engines will be the only choice for the 2020 VW Touareg. A V6 is certain and the German company looks to improve the previous drivetrains. A 3.0-liter FSI can deliver 280 hp. Volkswagen Atlas is using it in the US. Previous generation of Touareg had it under the hood. Some markets had a version tuned to burst 250 hp. An eight-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions are options. Bu default, both gearboxes are sending power to front wheels. However, the 4Motion all-wheel drive is our recommendation.

Hybrid to Replace V8

Volkswagen will definitely drop its V8 after this season. Meanwhile, the replacement is coming in the much cleaner hybrid engine. The previous generation of the SUV combined a V6 petrol drivetrain with an electric motor. This system could produce 375 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque. Besides the power boost, the hybrid configuration improves a fuel economy. The new 2020 VW Touareg could get it during next season. If not, the edition for 2021 is a sure bet.

Lighter 2020 Volkswagen Touareg Provides Better Handling

The new generation of the SUV is significantly lighter than the previous one. The company used a lot of aluminum to achieve better results. The 2020 VW Touareg is not losing on outputs but saves a lot in MPG rating. Also, its handling becomes lighter and cornering more precise thanks to a diet. With 4Motion system on, you will feel the full performance of this SUV.

2020 VW Touareg interior

2020 VW Touareg Interior and Options

The 2020 VW Touareg is a nearly premium SUV if you check the price and features you are getting. With the base package, you will get leather seats and heated front buckets. The center of the control panel is a 9-inch touchscreen display. Navigation and Android Auto are standard. Outside, you will find 19-inch wheels. Safety system gets emergency auto braking and adaptive cruise control.

Optionally, you can upgrade the SUV with five packages. The Innovision suite upgrades the infotainment system. A massive 15-inch screen is a highlight of this package, while the Sound and Comfort option brings memory front buckets and heated rear seats. The R-Line makes Touareg sportier. 4Motion and 20-inch wheels are standard. Other upgrades currently available for the 2020 Volkswagen Touareg are special metallic color and a panoramic moonroof.

2020 VW Touareg Release Date

The new SUV is going to hit most markets this fall. However, the company will update the lineup with more packages. The entry-level model for the Australian market will cost $80,000 in local currency (55,000 USD). This is quite expensive for the mid-size SUV. However, we already mentioned that Touareg is now a premium model. Limited edition One Million trim will be available for a limited time and it will cost €80,000 ($90,000 USD) and it is going to be available in Germany only.

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