2021 Dodge Journey Redesign or Replacement?

2021 Dodge Journey redesign

Dodge Journey is one of the least reliable SUVs in the market. A lot of complaints made the company thinking – is it worth of further development? Well, the model is still here, although discontinuation rumors are louder and louder. We still believe in turnaround. The 2021 Dodge Journey will take advantage of big changes in the FCA’s SUV lineup. The new styling, more options, and powerful engines are some things we would like to see on the new model.

Other rumors are mentioning the replacement. Well, the Journey has a bad reputation and that is the issue the FCA has to deal with. On the other hand, the SUV has a lot of fans. Still, slow sales determine the future for Journey. Well, in this case, we should be ready for the replacement.


Big Changes in FCA SUV Lineup

Let’s check what is going on with the rest of the lineup. The mid-size crossover SUV class is pretty crowded. The class leader is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In the future, this SUV will get the third row of seats. You will already find it with the most powerful engine in the SUV market – Hellcat V8 with 707 hp. So, there is no doubt which model is the priority for the company.

Its popularity caused changes to the Dodge Durango. In 2021, fans will see an all-new model, built on the body-on-frame architecture. Plus, the production of the SUV is going to be moved to Warren factory, where is already Ram 1500 truck built. We could say there is more room in current plants, but the FCA plans to offer more Grand Cherokees and the Jefferson North Plant will be the place where the new Grand Wagoneer is going to be assembled.

That causes a lot of questions about the 2021 Dodge Journey. Is there going to be placed in the lineup is a major concern. Well, it is questionable what will happen with the SUV. Still, we will see it in the 2021 season, but let’s check what are the possibilities afterward.

2020 Dodge Journey SRT

Can 2021 Dodge Journey Improve the Reliability?

According to multiple sources, the Journey has a lot of troubles with reliability. First of all, there is a dull base four-cylinder engine. Well, the optional V6 improves the situation, but it doesn’t boost the driving impression. What’s more, the 2021 Dodge Journey needs to improve cargo space, since it lacks room compared to rivals. The infotainment system is very good, so it is trouble less for designers. Also, you will find the Journey as one of the best offers in the market if you take the price only. But, the price to quality ratio is not so great.

2021 Dodge Journey Will be Built in Italy, Uses Alfa Romeo Platform

The redesign of the 2021 Dodge Journey could make some significant changes. We already mentioned the production plans of the FCA in the USA. It leaves no room for the mid-size SUV. So, the company plans to build Journey in Italy. That could cause an increase in the price. Still, a small portion of the vehicle can be fitted to some of the existing US plants.

The new model will change the platform. According to rumors, the new Journey is going to use the same architecture as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and dimensions of two vehicles will be similar. Also, the design will show a lot of similarities. Some say the company is going to replace the SUV in 2022. But, further info is not available.

2021 Dodge Journey interior

2021 Dodge Journey Specs

Under the bonnet of the 2021 Dodge Journey will still be a four-cylinder engine. It is one of the downsides of the mid-size model since 175 hp is just not enough for many buyers. Well, it makes the price be very affordable, but you will notice the lack of power and acceleration as soon as you step on the pedal.

Well, the situation becomes better with the V6 engine. Still, most other mid-size models are offering 280-300 hp for their base SUVs. Journey can count on 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque from a 3.6-liter Pentastar unit. All-wheel drive is optional and the engine sends power through an eight-speed automatic transmission. The towing capacity is poor – returning only 2,500 lbs with V6.

SRT Version

A V6 engine is available with the GT trim level and that is top of the range offer. With Grand Cherokee leaving the SRT badge, we believe the new 2021 Dodge Journey could get such tuning to improve its position on the market. Definitely, more buyers would pay attention to this SUV if it brings more power. But, the question is – what could lay under the bonnet? The vehicle is not big enough to take a V8, while some turbo V6 options are still unavailable. Maybe hybrid or PHEV could take place?

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  1. How much does a 2021 Dodge journey fully loaded cost

    1. MSRP starting price for SE Value is about $24.000, for Crossroad is about $28.500.
      Accessories raise the price.

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