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2019 Honda Element review

Lots of rumors have been around in the last few years. The famous boxy crossover was in production for only eight years but definitely left a big mark in the automotive history. Unusual design that looks absurd and attractive at the same time was the Element’s trademark at the time. The original version came in 2003 and it was accepted pretty well, both by the critics and by the crowd. Unfortunately, sales started to decline. For comparison, the initial model has more units sold than the last three years combined. That was an obvious reason for discontinuation. The production finally ended in 2011. Seven years later, the internet is full of reports about the 2019 Honda Element. The resurrection of the boxy crossover has been rumored and it looks like there is definitely something more than just a rumor.

2019 Honda Element

2019 Honda Element Redesign

It is hard to call a redesign something that comes after a seven-year hiatus. Still, we can’t imagine the new 2019 Honda Element anyhow different compared to the original model. It will definitely stick to the base characteristics of the original. In practice, this means the same boxy approach, which simply insists of the practicality. Such an approach ensures plenty of interior space, while suicide doors, one of the original model’s trademarks, provides additional practicality. All these characteristics should carry over in the new model, of course with a completely new layout. The new model should remain compact in size, with plenty of efficiencies, besides the practicality. The original model meant to be primarily for young drivers and the new 2019 Honda Element shouldn’t go too far away.

2019 Honda Element rear view

2019 Honda Element Will be based on Civic and CR-V?

Considering its compact size, there is no doubt that the 2019 Honda Element would share most of its parts with the legendary Civic and CR-V crossover. This means the same platform in particular. The new version of this boxy crossover is expected to be significantly lighter than the original. A new platform would involve plenty of lightweight materials, while the new efficient engines would provide not just a better economy, but better driving experience as well. These two models have been redesigned recently, so you can count on the latest design solutions in this crossover. In terms of styling, expect a lot of elements borrowed from the CR-V.

2019 Honda Element Styling

Though many expect to see the 2019 Honda Element with a familiar boxy shape, many aspects of its styling are still a mystery. Of course, we have no doubt that the new version would keep a familiar shape and proportions. Otherwise, it would be pointless to introduce a new crossover in the already filled lineup. The original model was definitely unique, but definitely shared some of the styling solutions with other Honda models of that time. If you remember how the original Ridgeline looked, you can easily notice lots of similarities at front. For the second generation, the 2019 Honda Element could easily adopt the brand’s newest design language. In practice, this would mean a front fascial similar to the CR-V. Still, it is a big question how the rest of the vehicles look would fit with such face. So, we could see a unique face after all.

2019 Honda Element specs

2019 Honda Element Interior

On the inside, we have no doubt that the 2019 Honda Element will stick to something we can see in the rest of Honda models. Most likely, we will see the same dashboard design as in the CR-V. This means a lot of attractive lines, soft-touch materials and plenty of equipment. A real upscale touch, we would say. Still, the rest of the interior layout should be even more practical. If you look at the original model, you can notice that the boxy shape was highly beneficial for the interior. You can count on an abundance of headroom but, more importantly, extremely friendly cargo area for big objects. An outward rear door design is another thing we expect to carry over from the original model.

2019 Honda Element Engines

The latest report suggests a whole plethora of engines in the offer for the new crossover. Of course, the 2019 Honda Element will be an affordable vehicle, so base versions will probably feature an older-generation 2.4-liter engine with around 180 horsepower.

Count on a new 1.5-liter turbo inline-four as well. This efficient engine debuted in the new Civic and it delivers around 190 horsepower, along with great mpg ratings. Speaking of mpg ratings, many reports suggest a hybrid version in the offer as well. In this case, we count on the Accord’s new hybrid powertrain that combines a gasoline engine with two electric motors, for a max output of 212 horsepower. Besides plenty of power, it provides spectacular fuel economy, which could easily go up to 50 miles per gallon in this case.

2019 Honda Element engine

2019 Honda Element Release Date and Price

Keep in mind that the 2019 Honda Element is just a rumor at the moment, so take a next-year arrival with a dose of a reserve. If it arrives, we presume base models would go around 25.000 dollars.

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