2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Rumors, Specs

2020 Toyota Highlander review

The Highlander is one of the most versatile mid-size crossovers you can find around. It offers great ride quality, lots of functionality and practicality, as well as efficient engines. However, the current generation is getting older. So, despite the fact that many experts still consider this model one of the best in class, the company is about to introduce a completely new model by the end of the year. It will come as the 2020 Toyota Highlander and it is about to bring lots of novelties. Count on improvements in all aspects. Of course, there will be a completely new styling, but equally important will be changes in terms of mechanics.

Finally, count on a completely new interior layout, as well as on some changes on the insider. Despite the complete overhaul, the 2020 Toyota Highlander won’t come much earlier than usual. Latest reports suggest it will hit the market sometime in the last quarter of the year.

2020 Toyota Highlander front view

2020 Toyota Highlander Redesign

This will be a complete overhaul. Therefore, count on tons of changes. The 2020 Toyota Highlander is about to get better in pretty much all aspects. For that cause, it will need a new architecture and there are no worries this time. The company has recently introduced a completely new platform, called TNGA. This architecture already undreptrints many Toyota models and it turned out to be pretty amazing. All models that switched to this platform came with significant improvement in terms of driving dynamics and overall ride quality, so we are pretty sure that the 2020 Toyota Highlander will be the same case. Of course, count on better efficiency as well.

It looks like the new model will be bigger. The 2020 Toyota Highlander is about to feature not just longer wheelbase, but longer overall length as well. However, it won’t be heavier. Moreover, it will probably be even lighter, thanks to a new TNGA platform, which utilizes a lot of lightweight materials.

2020 Toyota Highlander side view

2020 Toyota Highlander Exterior Design

Of course, this redesign will bring a completely new look as well. As we already mentioned, the new model will grow for a bit. However, the overall shape won’t change too much. When it comes to aesthetics, it is still early to talk about details. The testing model has been spotted but is still wears a complete cover. Still, we are pretty sure that the new 2020 Toyota Highlander will feature a face that looks pretty close to the new RAV4. This company’s best-seller came completely redesigned last year and it has adopted a new design language, which is characterized by cleaner lines and bolder overall appearance. The new Highlander will go in the same way. Of course, count on a couple of distinctive details as well.

2020 Toyota Highlander Interior Design

The interior of the 2020 Toyota Highlander is still a mystery. It was pretty much impossible to see anything in the testing model. So, we can only speculate about the most basic things only. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is interior space. Due to a longer wheelbase and overall size, there is no doubt that the new model will feature more space inside. This especially refers to the back end of the cabin. The third row won’t be so tight anymore and should be able to accommodate adult passengers as well. Same goes for the cargo area, which will be bigger when all three rows of seats are in use.

Besides more functionality, the interior will also come with new aesthetics. This means a completely new dashboard layout, though we can’t talk about details at the moment. Still, we may presume that the new model will come with lots of latest tech features, especially in terms of safety systems and advanced driver aids.

2020 Toyota Highlander Engines

The current generation offers pretty efficient powertrain options and we have no doubt that the 2020 Toyota Highlander will continue in the same way. Most likely, the base 2.7-liter engine will be replaced with something newer. Some reports even suggest a turbo-four unit. On the other side, a familiar V6 will carry on, probably with minor tweaks only. Currently, this 3.5-liter unit delivers around 306 horsepower.

Finally, count on a hybrid version as well. The current model comes with a pretty efficient system that combines a V6 engine with three electric motors, making a total output of 306 horsepower. Most likely, Toyota engineers will continue to develop this system and introduce a new version with more power and even better fuel economy.

2020 Toyota Highlander rear view

2020 Toyota Highlander Release Date and Price

The company won’t hurry with this model, but latest reports suggest it will hit the market by the end offer year. When it comes to the price, we don’t expect bigger changes compared to the outgoing generation. The current model starts at 31.200 dollars, while hybrid models are available at around 37.000 dollars.

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