2020 Toyota Venza Redesign

2020 Toyota Venza review

The original Venza is one of several models that tried but failed to compete with Subaru and its legendary Outback. This crossover/station wagon came more than ten years ago. It was in production until 2015 in North America, and until 2017 on some other markets. The reason for discontinuation were slow sales. This model never managed to establish its position on the market and such scenario was certain. However, it looks like the Japanese manufacturer has this model in its plans once again. According to the latest reports, it will come exclusively to North America this time. Same reports suggest slight changes in terms of base design characteristics, though the core should remain familiar. At this point, complete info about the 2020 Toyota Venza is nothing more than a rumor, so take the following with a big dose of a reserve.

2020 Toyota Venza

2020 Toyota Venza Redesign

Allegedly, the 2020 Toyota Venza will come back, several years after its discontinuation in North America. If we can rely on these reports, the new model will come with slight design changes. Of course, it will continue as a mid-size car that combines design characteristics of crossovers and station wagons. Additionally, it could easily add a bit of a minivan flavor, according to rumors. What would this mean, it is hard to say.

Most likely, the new model would suffer a slight change in shape. This means it would be a little bit higher. This could affect the driving position and similar things, but the overall wagon shape will probably remain. Once again, the new model will be based on the company’s bestseller Camry. It will ride on the same chassis and feature the same styling approach, though with a new suspension setup. As a crossover, it will come with higher ground clearance.

2020 Toyota Venza side view

2020 Toyota Venza Styling

As we already mentioned, there is no doubt that the new 2020 Toyota Venza will ride on the company’s new TNGA platform. This means lots of improvements in terms of driving characteristics and comfort, compared to the previous model. Also, count on a completely new styling. Since the new model will share most of its parts with the Camry, we are pretty sure that styling approach will be the same as well. In practice, this means that the two models will probably feature the same front ends, based on Toyota’s latest design language. The rest of the car should come in a classic wagon manner, with the addition of higher ground clearance, black plastics around the wheels, underbody protection etc.

2020 Toyota Venza specs

2020 Toyota Venza Interior

The interior of 2020 Toyota Venza depends a lot on the final layout we see on the new model. As we already mentioned, there is a big chance to see new model a little bit higher, which could affect interior design as well. Of course, this would mean more headroom but could affect driving position as well. Practically, we would see some characteristics that are more common for minivans. Therefore, three rows of seats also sound quite likely. Still, we believe that base models will remain with just two rows, while higher trims will be available with the additional one.

In terms of the cabin design, we have no doubt that the new 2020 Toyota Venza will be heavily influenced by the famous Camry sedan. The current generation came recently and definitely features very fresh interior design. Of course, this primarily refers to the dashboard design, which is attractive and also comes with a long list of latest tech features. The trim level organization should be the same as in the famous sedan.

2020 Toyota Venza

2020 Toyota Venza Engine

A new TNGA architecture includes a variety of engine options and we have no doubt that the 2020 Toyota Venza will benefit from that fact. Most likely, base models will stick to four cylinders. This means that we can count on the same 2.5-liter engine that powers Camry. It delivers 203 horsepower, which is just enough for decent performances. Of course, things are much better with a large 3.5-liter V6, which should also find the place under the hood of new Venza. This one is good for about 300 horsepower.

Of course, we are counting on a hybrid version as well. Toyota has recently introduced a new system, which combines a four-cylinder engine with a couple of electric motors. A max output goes around 205 horsepower, but the real highlight of this powertrain is fuel economy. In the Camry, it easily goes over 50 miles per gallon. In the new 2020 Toyota Venza, it will probably be slightly lower, but still very impressive.

2020 Toyota Venza Release Date and Price

When it comes to the 2020 Toyota Venza’s launch date, keep in mind that the new model is still just a rumor. We are still waiting to hear something from the officials. If it ever arrives, we presume that the base price will probably go around 30.000 dollars.

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