2021 Lincoln Navigator Facelift, Black Label, Interior, Price, Refresh

2021 lincoln navigator

Ford and Lincoln can’t wait to see their archrival’s big SUVs in the market. For nearly 20 years, Cadillac and GM did not use the independent rear suspension. The Blue Oval family took advantage of it, but not anymore. So, the 2021 Lincoln Navigator will have to face a different threat. Still, the SUV will be very competitive, since it also hit the new generation last year. The styling is still fresh and the level of equipment inside the vehicle is astonishing. However, buyers will be attracted by the new arrivals from General Motors, so we could see the first updates on the Navigator already next season.

Like its mechanical non-premium sibling, Ford Expedition, the 2021 Lincoln Navigator will use a twin-turbo V6 engine. It is more powerful than rivals. However, Cadillac Escalade might bring changes under the hood as well, making its archrival change the approach. It is not impossible to see a new drivetrain in Navigator’s engine room. Ford recently launched a 7.3-liter V8 unit.

Besides the mechanical changes, the SUV could go through the first facelift. It will refresh the offer and include some more advanced technologies Ford has developed recently. Of course, we expect the most from the Black Label trim. The super-premium package comes with unique interior styling and new themes would definitely upgrade the offer.

2021 lincoln navigator vlack label

2021 Lincoln Navigator Specs

The only powerplant buyers of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator can get is a high-output twin-turbo V6 unit. A 3.5-liter displacement can burst 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Ford is also using this drivetrain for the F-150 raptor truck. Its capabilities are making every vehicle using it so special. It is not all about the power, but the entire driving impression it brings. Of course, the major advantage over its main rivals was the IRS. But, Cadillac will now match that.

Navigator is one of the best luxury vehicles for towing. It offers up to 8,700 pounds, and no less than 8,100 lbs, depending on the configuration. Fuel economy is ok with 19 mpg, thanks to the V6 engine. Most V8 units are returning lower outputs. A ten-speed gearbox sends power to rear wheels by default, or all wheels if buyers want to get more traction.

New Engine

The fun is guaranteed with Ford. The Blue Oval company is a leader in many segments because of its serious approach. While the electrification process was under the spotlight, engineers developed a new petrol engine. A 7.3-liter V8 is already part of the lineup and it supplies the Super Duty truck class with power. With 430 hp, it is not upgrading the outputs, but the drivetrain is going to make SUV more capable of towing. Also, you will have fewer mechanical parts and turbo lags. A V8 is definitely a candidate to take place under the hood of the 2021 Lincoln Navigator. However, we believe the SUV needs more juice and the performance-version is a solution, especially if Cadillac adds a twin-turbo V8 to its offer. Finally, we can expect an electric model, but not so soon. The focus is currently on the electrification and hybridization of lighter vehicles.

2021 lincoln navigator interior

2021 Lincoln Navigator vs Cadillac Escalade

The new generation of the Cadillac Escalade will make this SUV more competitive. Well, it was the best-selling model last year. But, the redesign and changes in the drive system will make it even more attractive. First of all, the SUV will get more space for the rear row since the vehicle is now stretched a bit. We will see how the IRS is going to affect the towing capacity, but the drive will be more fun for sure. Plus, the upcoming GM’s premium model is getting some latest equipment, such as rear-view camera system and advanced parking sensors. Lincoln needs to respond to this, and it has to happen fast.

New Black Label Themes

Currently, the 2021 Lincoln Navigator Black Label is top of the class trim, and it will remain so. Thanks to unique upgrades, the price of these models reaches a six-digit realm. Chalet, Destination, and Yacht Club are current options if you are getting the luxury SUV with the Black Label package. Next season is bringing the refresh of the features and themes, so new options are very possible. However, this is not going to be enough to match the level of changes happening on its main rival.

2021 lincoln navigator yacht club
2021 Lincoln Navigator Yacht Club

2021 Lincoln Navigator Prices

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator will keep the base price, starting at $78,000 for the standard package. Reserve is an option if you want to upgrade the offer, and it costs $5,000 more. Still, top of the class version will boost the price for $20,000. If you are looking for the extended model, Navigator L, its MSRP is $80,000, or $85k if you want it in Reserve trim.

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