2020 Honda Element – Possible Comeback, Rumors

2020 Honda Element

Many years have passed since the discontinuation of this interesting crossover and people are still talking about the possible redesign. We have seen plenty of reports in past years about the possible comeback but these rumors have never been turned out to be true. However, reports in the past several months became much more intense, which leads us to a conclusion that maybe there is something that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing. According to the latest reports, the company could bring back this model already in the next year, like 2020 Honda Element. Of course, these are just rumors. We haven’t heard anything from the officials yet.

The original Element was introduced more than 15 years ago. For that time, it was a car with a pretty brave design approach, with characteristics that we didn’t see in the auto industry before. The reception was pretty good, both by the crowd and experts. Also, initial years were pretty good in terms of sales numbers as well. However, several years later, sales started to decline. There is no other choice but to discontinue this crossover. Many years later, we are sitting here and talking about its revival. Interestingly, the car industry is actually going in the direction that such type of a crossover definitely has a lot of potentials.

2020 Honda Element front view

2020 Honda Element Redesign

Despite the big gap between the original and potential model, we will call this a redesign, mainly because of the fact that the new model would definitely rely on the original model pretty much. First of all, we count on the completely same design approach, which means a vehicle that will pay attention to both practicality and attractive look. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the 2020 Honda Element won’t follow the original boxy shape. Of course, the new model would get a completely new face and, more importantly, completely new mechanic, but the overall shape and dimensions probably won’t suffer too much.

2020 Honda Element specs

On the other side, one very questionable thing about the new model is its position in the company’s lineup. At the time when the original model was launched, Honda didn’t have too many SUVs and crossovers in the lineup. Things are much different these days. All segments are covered pretty well, with models like the HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot. Therefore, the 2020 Honda Element will probably be some kind of a lifestyle alternative to these models, probably slotted between HR-V and CR-V, both in terms of size and price.

2020 Honda Element side view

2020 Honda Element Interior

Besides interesting styling, the interior design will be one of the focus points of this crossover. Due to its almost square shape, it will definitely guarantee plenty of practicality and functionality. This will bring benefits in so many ways. First of all, count on plenty of headroom. On the other side, legroom will be quite typical for the segment of compact crossovers. The biggest advantage compared to other crossovers will be a super-functional cargo area. This doesn’t mean just a great volume. A super square shape will allow accommodation of pretty large and bulky objects. Moreover, some reports suggest slide rear doors, which will make things even easier.

When it comes to the dashboard design and overall interior quality, we count on a similar design to other crossovers in the lineup. In order to cut production costs, the 2020 Honda Element probably won’t feature too distinctive dashboard and overall interior layout. Still, count on a fine number of unique details, as well as on latest tech and safety features that are typical for Honda cars.

2020 Honda Element interior

2020 Honda Element Engines

This aspect definitely won’t bring any surprise. Count on familiar engines from the company’s lineup. This leads us to the conclusion that a familiar 2.4-liter atmospheric four-cylinder unit will be offered in standard models. It delivers around 185 horsepower, which should be more than enough to run this vehicle without issues. Of course, we count on a few options as well. The first candidate is definitely a new 1.5-liter turbo engine with a max output of around 200 horsepower.
Some reports also suggest a hybrid version. In that case, we would probably see a familiar system with two electric motors and a max output that goes around 210 horsepower. However, we think that this powertrain would affect the price too much, which would make this crossover too expensive and not so popular.

2020 Honda Element engine

2020 Honda Element Release Date and Price

If we can rely on the latest rumors, the 2020 Honda Element could arrive already in the next year. It seems too early to speculate about the price, but we would see that a tag of around 25.000 dollars sounds pretty fair. Still, keep in mind that we haven’t heard anything from the officials so far, so there is a big chance that the new model won’t even come after all.

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  1. Please bring back the Element

  2. I have an Element and love it. But articles like this one are creating the biggest urban legend ever. Have been reading them for years now and still haven’t seen the return of the Element. Think I have a better chance of seeing Big Foot, a leprechaun and Santa Claus all at the same time.
    Oh, yes I would buy a new Element sight unseen.

  3. Please, please, please bring back the Element. I LOVE my Element and don’t want any other vehicle. I don’t understand why Honda doesn’t realize what a gem they have in the Element. I get asked about my Element all the time and when people ask me where I bought it, I have to break the news that they no longer make it. WAKE UP HONDA AND BRING IT BACK!

    1. i agree 100%….nothing is like it and I love mine and its getting very old. I have a 2004.

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