2021 BMW iNext is fully autonomous SUV

2021 BMW iNext

BMW is working on the self-driving crossover SUV. It sounds far-fetched, but the company announced Level 5 of autonomous drive. Currently, the most advanced Tesla’s models can offer Level 3. To get on the higher tiers, the 2021 BMW iNext will have to develop a fully-autonomous system, that will take you from place A to place B without any intervention or attention needed. So, good luck BMW with it.

The iNext concept had a presentation in 2018 and the German carmaker is doing everything to bring it to production as soon as possible. We believe that 2021 MY is not impossible. From what we know so far, BMW is aiming for at least Level 4 of autonomous drive. Well, the concept is too futuristic, with some well-known design solutions by the company. The kidney grille is a highlight, of course. The 2021 BMW iNext will have a range of 370 miles, but precise details about the electric battery are unknown yet.

2021 BMW iNext price

iNext Debuted, Production is Due to 2021

The new 2021 BMW iNext won’t be out so soon. The concept had the preview, but the company needs more time to turn ideas to reality. And with such SUV on the list, it is more than easy. Well, the concept is too futuristic, with suicide doors and especially Level 5 of autonomous drive. According to leaked plans, BMW will present the production model in 2021. However, chiefs are not sure yet if they will deliver it the same year, or the iNext all-electric SUV is debuting as 2022 MY.

2021 BMW iNext Level 4 Of Self-Drive

BMW says “at least”. Well, Level 5 is still a dream. Imagine, you just sit in the car and it takes you wherever you want. This system is a point where you can sleep during travel and wake up when the car gets you there. Well, the current self-driving systems can get to Level 4. The most advanced autonomous drive comes from Tesla’s models. The US carmaker is still at Level 3. The new 2021 BMW iNext will bring it on. Engineers have two years to develop a Level 4.

The good thing is there is ambition. On the other hand, BMW has trusted company and we must take their words seriously. Chiefs were very careful with spectacular announcements, so they promise only Level 4. Everything besides that is extras.

2021 BMW iNext range

Autonomous Drive Levels Explanation

We can make a difference first between self-driving and autonomous drive. Theoretically, all cars that can do some functions instead of a driver are self-driving models. On the other hand, when the vehicle reaches some level of self-drive where driver’s input is not needed, it becomes an autonomous system. These are Level 4 and Level 5.

But, let’s start from the beginning. The entry-level is Level 0 – no operations at all, the driver is doing everything. Level 1 brings some warning and alert systems that will help the driver learn about its surroundings. Lane departure and blind spot monitor are two which we can find in most cases. Moving on up, the vehicle starts to do some things on its own. Automatic braking, cruise control, and auto-parking are features that indicate the Level 2.

Level 3 is the most advanced system nowadays. The system drives a car. But, a driver must be there to jump in and help when the self-driving system doesn’t recognize the situation. Tesla, Mercedes, and Cadillac are already offering vehicles with this level. Level 4 is under development. After Mercedes, Volvo, Google, Uber, and Samsung, BMW is the latest company that enters this market. We will see if the 2021 BMW iNext is bringing this system. Level 5 is something worth of waiting. Cars with this setup can do it all.

2021 BMW iNext interior

2021 BMW iNext Range and Specs

The new 2021 BMW iNext will have a range of 370 miles. However, this is going to be the most powerful configuration available for the new SUV. We believe there won’t be a model that offers under 250 miles. Depending on the size of the battery, buyers will find higher or lower prices. Whatsoever, it is still early to talk about MSRP when we have no clue about specs.


Rumors about the 2021 BMW iNext are making it the most advanced all-electric SUV. However, the competition is not letting it go. We already mentioned the best-known companies in this segment. These are definitely Tesla and Mercedes. Experts will soon see how Cadillac’s XT6 autonomous drive is working. Ford is also going to launch its first EVs and advanced self-driving features with them. All in all, the future lays in electric vehicles and autonomous drive. It is just a matter of time when will Level 4 and Level 5 become safe enough to do all the things instead of us.

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