2021 Ford Baby Bronco: Latest News

2021 Ford Baby Bronco

Among many other rumors, the one about the 2021 Ford Baby Bronco came out first. Later, the vehicle was renamed to Bronco Sport, which will be an official title. Many other carmakers are using the Sport suffix for lighter versions of their large models. Well, the Blue Oval company didn’t get us used to this, but we can see Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, or even Nissan Rogue and Rogue Sport.

The first details indicate that 2021 Ford Baby Bronco will be an off-road edition of the returning legend. Spy photos of this edition came out before the standard Bronco, which, by the way, we still don’t know what looks like. Meanwhile, more details about the two-door and Raptor model are available. Soon, the SUV should debut and all its versions will be in the market soon after the premiere, including Baby Bronco.

2021 Ford Baby Bronco debut

What do We know About the SUV?

Ford Bronco is a legendary model, discontinued in 1996. You probably know about the OJ’s chase and case. After that TV coverage, the carmaker couldn’t let this unstoppable SUV be used for wrong purposes. Exactly 20 years after the discontinuation, Ford confirmed rumors about the comeback. It caused a lot of interest and it is now at the peak since the Blue Oval company said it will be available in 2020. Well, it hit a delay and we will see Bronco next season.

So far we saw a big announcement with the logo and a teaser image of the SUV covered with a blanket. Boxy look is certain, but no other official details are available. However, some spy photos showed a few different versions, and one of them is an SUV in a shadow, which fans believe is 2021 Ford Baby Bronco. Raptor, diesel, electric, two-door, are just some versions we might see when the vehicle appears.

2021 Ford Baby Bronco Specs

Bronco Sport is going to use a 1.5-liter turbo-four engine with 200 horsepower and 215 lb-ft of torque. A ten-speed automatic transmission is a likely option for the gearbox. Another engine reported to be under the hood of the 2021 Ford Baby Bronco is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder. Also turbocharged, we assume it can 250 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of twist. Other possibilities include a 2.5-liter four-pot petrol unit in combination with electric motors. Escape Hybrid comes with 200 hp and the Baby Bronco will have similar outputs. This configuration is going to be more efficient than other units. On the other hand, this version might be an off-roader. In that case, we will see more upgrades around the body to make the crossover SUV more aggressive and its body stiffer.

2021 Ford Bronco sport

2021 Ford Baby Bronco Styling

Leaked images of the 2021 Bronco Sport are showing exactly what we expected from it. A large Bronco badge on the front grille is the highlight and the detail you cannot miss. The crossover SUV will come with round headlights, and you cannot miss its boxy shape. We still don’t know the size of the Baby Bronco, but it could be near the length of the Jeep Wrangler. Images are also indicating this version will carry roof rails and extra ground clearance. The Bronco Sport will share the platform with Escape, but it will be meaner and more off-road capable. We already mentioned the two crossovers will share drivetrains as well.

2021 Ford Baby Bronco teaser

Release Date

The debut of the new Bronco is set for next March at the special event. The 2021 Ford Baby Bronco was supposed to arrive a month later at NY Auto Show. Whatsoever, this year’s event was rescheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, New York will hold the show in October, and it is still unknown if organizers will repeat it in six months. But, we believe there will be enough debuts and participants to make it huge. One of the premieres will be Bronco Sport. Although it comes after the standard SUV, the sales of the smaller model will start before the original Bronco. We still don’t know precise dates, but it could happen right after the premiere. 

Expect the attractive price, since the Baby Bronco is going to be significantly smaller than the mid-size version and its engines are not as powerful. The base crossover could start at $25,000, which is less than you will pay for the Wrangler. A two-door 4×4 vehicle is the biggest rival to the 2021 Ford Baby Bronco. There are no too many other vehicles that will be able to get on the line with these icons. If the Bronco Sport gets a hybrid drivetrain, it will be something special for this segment. But, it will cause a response, since spy photos are showing that Wrangler is getting the PHEV version.

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