Mazda CX-7 Could Be Back By 2020


If we look at the current situation on the market, it looks like there is never enough crossovers in the offer. Pretty much every carmaker is currently is some process of crossover lineup expansion, so why would Mazda be an exception. Moreover, if you look at the current lineup, you will notice a pretty big gap in the existing designation. There is a subcompact CX-3, a compact CX-5 and a mid-size CX-9, which is the biggest crossover Mazda currently has in the offer. On the other side, the CX-7 is out of production for full six years, which doesn’t make too much sense. Therefore, you can find lots of reports that suggest Mazda CX-7 could be back by 2020. Of course, all these are just speculation, so take the following info with a big dose of a reserve.

Mazda CX-7

Mazda CX-7 Redesign

There are different kinds of possible scenarios for the Mazda CX-7. It has been confirmed by several renowned car magazines that the Japanese carmaker is working on the new crossover. However, it has never been specified how it is going to look like and that leaves plenty of room for speculations. Of course, the first thing that comes to our minds is a new CX-7. If we look at the current lineup, there isn’t too much space to fit in this model.

So, the company would have to find a fine line between the compact CX-5 and mid-size CX-9 model, which indicates that indicates that the new model could be some kind of a mid-size SUV, with a little bit smaller dimensions that the flagship CX-7. The company already did something similar on the Japanese market, where the new CX-8 has been introduced. It features the same wheelbase as the CX-9 but comes with smaller dimensions, more appropriate to the demanding Japanese market.

Mazda CX-7 side view

Another interesting possibility is to see some kind of lineup reorganization in the near future. Everyone knows that Mazda has big ambitions, to become a premium brand. Therefore, what is CX-9 at the moment could easily become CX-7 in the future, while the CX-9 could become something bigger. This makes a perfect sense if we consider that one of the things that separate premium from mainstream carmakers is the size of a flagship model. In the next couple of years, we could see a big update or even a redesign of the existing mid-size crossover. It would come with a new name, but with similar characteristics. Of course, it would get all those updates usual for mid-cycle refreshes, just in bigger portions, especially in terms of the styling.

Mazda CX-7 Engine

Engines are an unavoidable subject of any reports about future Mazda models. We are hearing a lot of talk about the company’s new generation of gasoline engines, called SkyActive X. The thing with these units is in the unique design. For the first time in the automotive industry, we will see a compression-ignition gasoline engine in serial production. Such a design will bring lots of benefits. Simply said, the new engine will make a gasoline engine as efficient as an oil-burner. In practice, this would mean around 30% better fuel economy compared to current SkuActive G engines. Count on 30% more power as well. In numbers, this means that the new 2.0-liter engine would feature the same or even higher output than the current 2.5-liter engine.

Mazda CX-7 rear view

According to Mazda’s officials, the new engine should come with a pretty affordable price. Officials claim it won’t cost more than a common diesel engine. Still, it will most likely come as an optional feature. Current SkyActive G units are expected to carry on and be reserved for base models. Of course, expect slight improvements in terms of efficiency. The first model to come with a new engine should be a new generation of the popular compact car Mazda 3.

Mazda CX-7 Release Date

As we already mentioned, this crossover is just a speculation at the moment. We are still waiting to hear something from the officials. Still, many experts already see this crossover as a certain thing. In any case, the new model would come in a couple of years. We can’t say anything more precise at the moment. As you may hear, Mazda recently signed a new partnership with Toyota, which includes a new plant in the United States. According to the latest reports, this assembly will be reserved for new Corolla models, as well as for Mazda’s new SUV, which points to the new CX-7, according to some car experts.

Mazda CX-7 interior

The new crossover is part of the company’s new strategy, which should boost the sales that are in a slight declining at the moment. Once again, keep in mind that all these details about the new CX-7 are nothing more than a bunch of rumors and speculations. Therefore, take this article with a dose of a reserve.

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