2020 BMW X7 and X7M Price

2020 BMW X7 price

The new 2020 BMW X7 is going to be a more serious contender to the Mercedes GLS. Both German companies prepared big changes for the upcoming season. Well, we are still waiting for high-output, ultra-luxurious versions of both models – BMW X7M and Mercedes AMG GLS. When these two arrive, the lineup will be complete. Still, until then, we will have enough time to test and enjoy the premium feeling the base X7 is offering. This is the new SUV. It is now the biggest model in the lineup, and soon we can also expect its coupe version, BMW X8.

The Bavarian carmaker was out of the full-size segment for too long. The success of X5 and X6 were clear signs that the company needs to make more SUVs. Finally, in 2020, we will see the biggest of BMW’s SUV ever. The X7 is larger and more spacious than X6. It can accommodate seven persons. Powerful engines will be capable to run wild and tow a lot. The 2020 BMW X7M is going to offer something you can’t find elsewhere. However, Mercedes has a challenge for it, but we believe the new X7 will respond to it.

2020 BMW X7

2020 BMW X7 Engines

The new largest SUV by BMW will offer both petrol and diesel engines. However, the second type models are not coming to the US. The base one is a 3.0-liter turbo unit. This V6 is capable to produce 350 horsepower, while the xDrive50i can make 460 hp. Diesel lineup looks like this: an xDrive30d – the engine that produces 265 hp, and M50d with 400 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission is a power router. It sends power to all wheels.

2020 BMW X7M

Top of the range model is the 2020 BMW X7M. This version gets special treatment. First of all, under its bonnet, we will find a 4.4-liter turbo V8 engine. In this case, you can count on 550 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Engineers and designers have special tasks to make this version unique and breath-taking. So far, they managed to do that with smaller SUVs. But, the 2020 BMW X7M has a special rival – Mercedes-Benz GLS AMG. For the first time, it gets a competitor from BMW. From what we can hear, two models will offer a lot of power and equipment. The price of super-luxurious vehicles will be similar. Both will start at around $130,000. With more options and upgrades, the price will jump over $150,000.

2020 BMW X7 interior


The new 2020 BMW X7 will introduce a new design language. Of course, the kidney-grille is there. As the SUV, it is the largest one we’ve ever seen. Narrow headlights and massive bumper are highlights of the front fascia. Sides of the new SUV are special. We will notice huge windows, larger than expected. Chrome details are boosting the overall impression. The ground clearance allows you to ride the X7 over rocks and bumps. The new suspension allows owners to increase the gap between the vehicle and the ground. At the back, we will find some similar solutions as for the 7-Series cars. The vehicle also offers additional options through trim packages.

Interior and Accessories

The new SUV will offer three rows of seats with a total seating capacity for seven passengers. All seats are wrapped in leather and also offer to heat. The front row comes with massage and cooling sensors. Passengers in the third row will have armrests. Instead of the middle row bench, you can opt for captain’s chairs. In this case, the capacity drops to six. We cannot find this option for BMW X5 or X6. Access to the third row is easy thanks to the special design and functions of the second line of seats. Buyers can also choose the type of panoramic moonroof. Premium models are bringing the special Sky Lounge version.

The German company is making a computer in this car. Most functions are available through a digital key and Operating System 7.0 of the latest generation. The highlight of the interior is a 12-inches touchscreen display. You will need some time to gel with all functions the 2020 BMW X7 and X7M are offering. But, once you test the iDrive controller and Driving Experience, you will find these two features very useful. The audio system is the most advanced ever, with 16- or 20-speaker Harman Kardon center. Of course, there is also a rear-seat entertaining system, with large displays in the headrests. A DVD player, USB ports, jacks for headphones… and many other options are also available.

2020 BMW X7 7-seat

2020 BMW X7 Prices

The base version of the 2020 BMW X7 will be available at $74,000. That is exactly what we could expect from a full-size premium SUV. Mercedes sells its GLS for $1,000 more. With the more powerful engine, the price jumps to $95,000. As said, the most expensive and the most luxurious offer comes with 2020 BMW X7M. This SUV will cost over $130,000.

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