2020 Ford Endeavour Suffers a Minor Facelift

2020 Ford Endeavour

Endeavour is the SUV you will find in the Indian market. In Asia and Australia, this model is called Everest. Although they have different names, these two models are sharing a lot of things in common. For example, there is a body-on-frame architecture borrowed from its close sibling, Ford Ranger truck. This promises great off-road skills. The 2020 Ford Endeavour is not the only SUV with such configuration. Buyers in this part of the world just love big rigs.

The upcoming season is going to bring us some significant changes to the body and chassis. The 2020 Ford Endeavour will probably be lighter. We say perhaps because the Blue Oval company is not confirming the rumors yet. But, the higher usage of aluminum and carbon fiber will lead to the weight lose, gas, and mileage improvements, without losing any of its skills and capacities.

The major question is what will happen with diesel engines. Interesting, Ford Endeavour is currently not offering any of the petrol units. The only thing we have for now about new powerplants is another diesel. Well, if the company cuts the emissions and improves the fuel economy, it might turn out to be a wise move, eventually.

2020 Ford Endeavour india

2020 Ford Endeavour Competition

As said, the Endeavour is not the only truck-based SUV buyers in India can purchase. Toyota Fortuner is one of the major rivals, not only to this nameplate but also to Everest. The Japanese company competes with the US carmaker in every market. Well, it is up to you to decide between these two SUVs, but it seems like Toyota is in a slight advantage (at least according to sales).

Isuzu MU-X is one of the popular models in this part of the world. Another Japanese carmaker is offering less expensive SUV, but it reflects the lack of capabilities and equipment you can find inside the vehicle. Nissan Terra is an all-new model, and we expect to get first impressions. On the other hand, Patrol is one of the oldest names in the lineup, and it could see the redesign soon. Still, Nissan is a major player as well.

Under the Hood

The fresh energy source for the Everest could also be a novelty for the Indian-based SUV. Ford is developing a 2.0-liter EcoBlue unit, that is not a secret. But, the carmaker is not unveiling to complete the lineup of vehicles that will use this drivetrain. According to early announcements, the four-pot mill is coming with turbochargers, which are boosting the outputs to 220 horsepower. In lone news, we can also hear that a ten-speed automatic transmission is replacing an old six-pace gearbox. Not a surprise, especially having in mind the new 2020 Ford Endeavour aims a better fuel economy. The new transmission will provide that you can be sure.

The new engine will definitely return the better mileage than the existing units. A 2.2-liter diesel model is capable to produce 180 hp and 310 lb-ft. It debuted on the new Ranger Raptor. But, Ford kept an old transmission on this setup. The new Endeavour could only replace the gearbox. A 3.2-liter Duratorq is questionable for the next season. It can produce 350 lb-ft, but it also emits the most gases. The suspension setup is not as sporty as the one for the new engine. However, the stiffer configuration is better for off-road duties.

new engine

New engine for the SUV

2020 Ford Endeavour Features

The new 2020 Ford Endeavour will introduce the fresh grille, but it is the biggest change fans will find on its exterior. 20-inch wheels are still there. It seems that the company is going to refresh the SUV in 2021 when the mid-cycle update is planned.

Still, the 2020 Endeavour is going to be a pretty safe model, although unibody SUVs are usually safer. There is room for seven passengers, but the default configuration seats five persons. Anti-lock brakes are standard. The system uses an electronically distributed force for better traction and balance. The overall length remains the same – 193 inches. Buyers will choose between 4×2 or 4×4. For an off-road drive, we recommend the second option. A rear-view camera is standard.

2020 Ford Endeavour changes


Some fans believe that Ford must introduce the petrol engine for the new 2020 Ford Endeavour and Everest. However, experts are sure that enthusiasts must wait until the SUVs hit the new generation. Ford Ranger truck appeared in the US after its popularity rose in other parts of the world. Now, the company prepares the redesign for the non-USA version. After that, all vehicles based on its platform can get updates on their bodies and engine rooms.

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