Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype: Specs and Release Date

Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype review

Traditionally known for huge luxury cars, Cadillac turned a completely new page in its history a few years ago. These days, you can find lots of small and mid-size cars in its offer and the new Cadillac XT3 will go even further. For the first time, this carmaker will offer a subcompact car and it will be a crossover. At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation but the new model looks like a certain thing, especially if we consider a great number of unofficial reports that came from reliable sources. The Cadillac XT3 will be the brand’s new entry-level model, smaller than XT5 and XT4 models, but not necessarily less comfortable and less capable. At this point, we don’t have more specific details about it, so there is a lot of space for speculation.

Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype

Cadillac XT3 Design

So far, the brand’s crossovers were designed in such a way that many of them are actually slotted between the segments. For example, the XT4 is somewhere between compact and subcompact crossover. On the other side, the new Cadillac XT3 will strictly hold to the subcompact segment. Therefore, we can expect more common proportions. The new model should have a lot of things in common with its larger sibling, especially in terms of mechanics. Two models will ride on the same version of the familiar Epsilon platform, with similar chassis and suspension setup.

In terms of styling, expect a little bit different approach. While the XT4 features very aggressive lines, the new Cadillac XT3 will be closer to the XT5. It will feature more conventional lines. Practically, expect a hatchback body style that stands relatively high. Seems like pretty common design approach we can see on other crossovers of this size. Count on the brand’s newest design language. It will feature a familiar front face, the same that can be found on its bigger siblings, characterized by a massive grille and LED lamps that trickle into the front bumper. Expect a similar treatment at the rear end. Of course, count on several exclusive details as well.

Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype rear view

Cadillac XT3 Interior

On the inside, the Cadillac XT3 should come in the company’s familiar manner. Expect to see a familiar dashboard design, highlighted by a recognizable V-shape layout and a large touchscreen mounted on the center of it. Considering the size, the new model won’t be as spacious as we used to models under this badge. This especially refers to the cargo area, but rear seats should be pretty spacious as well. After all, the XT4 is among class-leaders in this aspect and this one shouldn’t be that smaller. On the other side, count on high-quality materials and a full load of standard equipment.

Even the most basic versions should come with a list of standard equipment that includes things like a rearview camera, the latest infotainment system with smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging and much more. Also, base models should be equipped with a fair amount of safety systems, with things like parking sensors and a rearview camera, as well as with the GM’s Teen Driver System, which lets you set speed and audio limits.

Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype mark

Cadillac XT3 Engine

We don’t expect surprises in the aspect of the new SUV. The will most likely come with the same engine as the slightly bigger XT4. This means that we can count on a 2.0-liter turbo inline-four unit, which is good for about 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It will come in a pair with a 9-speed automatic transmission, while all-wheel drive is expected to be optional. Some reports also suggest a hi-performance version, which would come with a more powerful version of this engine, with a unit that delivers around 272 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. It is the same unit that powers the Cadillac ATS. On the other side, a large 3.6-liter V6 definitely won’t come.

Cadillac XT3 Crossover Prototype side view

Cadillac XT3 Competition

The Cadillac XT3 will enter the segment that already has some very serious competitors. Of course, first models that come to our minds are German crossover. Those are BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz GLA Class and Audi Q3. Besides three German competitors, this segment includes several more strong competitors. Those are mostly Japanese models, such as Infiniti QX30 and Lexus UX, but don’t forget the new Volvo XC40, which came last year but instantly became one of the class leaders.

Cadillac XT3 Release Date and Price

Allegedly, the new Cadillac XT3 is under development. Although many reports suggest its arrival, we haven’t heard anything from the company’s officials. Still, such a big amount of rumors definitely means something. Therefore, expect to see the new Cadillac XT3 in close future, most likely in a year or two.

When it comes to the price, this will be the brand’s entry-level model. It will probably be cheaper than most of its rivals. Some reports estimate base price around 31.000 dollars, which seems likely, considering that the XT4 starts at around 34.000.

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