2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC Full Review

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLC facelift

Three months of 2019 are behind us and we already see new SUVs for the next season. One of them debuted recently in Geneva. The 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC is more stylish than ever. Of course, its price will go up as well. But, it is always nice to see things being changed in the compact premium SUV segment. Well, with huge competition, especially BMW X3 and Audi Q5, to survive here, every company has to update its offer every now and then. And the German carmaker is the leader in this. That is the story behind the success.

The 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC Class is a series of compact crossover SUV. Highlights of this vehicle are its versatility and high-end technology. Comfortable interior is offering a lot of functions. Some say Mercedes is lapping too high price, but for everything they offer, we find this reasonable. Of course, there are some cheaper offers with less luxury in the cabin. A three-point badge is an indicator of status, not only an ordinary vehicle.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLC release date

2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC Debut

The GLC Class is one of the youngest in the lineup. However, after only three years, the German carmaker is redesigning it. The facelift brings some notable changes inside and outside. The most noteworthy updates for the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC are:

  • Technology
  • Hybrid model
  • Safety
  • Extra power

The bad thing about the GLC Class is its starting price. But, things are becoming very expensive pretty fast. Mercedes is charging all its upgrades. Also, the company announced a hybrid model, but the release date is not available yet for this version. Finally, more power means fewer miles per gallon. This is an important segment for a compact SUV, no matter if it is premium or regular model.

Plenty of Engine Choices for GLC Class

The 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC will be available worldwide. Well, buyers in the US won’t be able to purchase it with a diesel engine. the base setup includes a 2.0-liter unit that is capable to produce 240 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. The power travels through a nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic gearbox. The vehicle returns 22/27mpg for city / highway drive. These numbers go up with a hybrid drivetrain. The same petrol engine is the base for this configuration. Electric motors help the gasoline unit to achieve 320 hp and 415 pound-feet as well. The gas mileage jumps to 25/27 mpg.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLC engine

AMG Models

There will be two versions of the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC AMG SUVs. The lighter configuration is AMG GLC 43. Under the hood of this compact crossover is a 3.0-liter bi-turbo V6 engine. It can deliver 360 hp and sprints to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Fuel economy drops to 21-22 mpg combined. If this is not enough power, you can go to the extreme with 2020 Mercedes – Benz AMG GLC 63 model. In this case, a 4.0-liter V8 powertrain with the same bi-turbo setup can create 470 hp. Clock stops under 4 seconds for 0-60 mph, while the fuel economy drops under 19 mpg average. The starting price of this compact SUV will be over $70,000. Both AMG versions will have a late launch in the US.

Diesel Engines

Three diesel units are going to be available for buyers that are not living in North America. The base SUV that uses this kind of powertrain will get 170 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. A 2.2-liter displacement is using two types of turbochargers. In the higher-output configuration, it can create 200 horsepower and 370 pound-feet. European buyers will also see the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC 350d model with a six-cylinder engine. This diesel unit is creating 250 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLC interior

2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC Features and Safety

A big facelift will make the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC even more modern. The interior includes a 10-inch touchscreen display with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility. The navigation remains optional. Old users will need some time to gel with new functions and the layout. Voice commands are better. Heated front seats are boosting the overall comfort. Driver’s bucket has a memory function. A power liftgate is standard.

You can always upgrade the cockpit with a 12-inch screen, digital cluster, or cooling function for front seats. The premium audio system is delivered by Burmester, while upper trim levels are offering a panoramic sunroof.

Automatic braking is standard for safety package. Besides that, the 2020 Mercedes GLC offers blind-spot monitor and adaptive cruise control. Automatic lane change is optional and it is a pioneer of the self-driving GLC we will see in future.

2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC Prices

The initial price for the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLC is $40,000. As said, upper trim levels make the cost jump pretty easily. Hybrid is not going to be under $50,000, while AMG GLC 43 will carry a $60,000 price tag in 2020. Top of the line model is AMG 63 with an unreasonable starting cost at $70,000.

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