2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Gets a Mini Version

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class redesign

G Class is the most exclusive lineup in the German manufacturer’s SUV portfolio. The company launched the new generation last year, and for season 2020 we see no serious updates. So, the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class might bring special things for the legendary model. The SUV is the most expensive one, and the company offers a lot of upgrades for the interior. Other solutions include a more powerful engine. In Europe, G Class is using diesel powertrains as well.

The 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class will be built in Austria. It is a hand-made vehicle and you need to be quick to get one since its high price also comes from limited availability. The boxy design is one of the most sightly in the market. You probably won’t say it is the most exclusive, but it is drawing attention. Well, for a six-digit price, it must. Of course, it also brings the most advanced safety and infotainment system. But, Mercedes also keeps something for optional upgrades.

The upcoming season will bring the lighter G Class Mini model. It is smaller than its sibling, and according to the first reports, it is ready to take on the Ford Bronco and its off-road versions.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class amg


Under the bonnet of the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class is a 4.0-liter V8 engine, capable of producing 415 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. The advantage of this drivetrain comes with the unique turbocharging system. Thanks to the advanced technology, you will feel fewer lags than on other similar units. A V8 engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic gearbox that sends power to all wheels. Off-road capability is one of the trademarks, while the on-road performance is not as stunning. The SUV needs 5.5 seconds for a 0-60 mph sprint. When paying over $100k for a car, you won’t care too much about the fuel economy. With so much power, we cannot expect high outputs from G Class, which returns 16 mpg combined.

The performance can be even more astonishing. Beefed up, the same drivetrain can return 577 ponies and drop 0-60 mph time to 4.6 seconds. The version appears as the 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class AMG 63 and also brings AMG Speedshift transmission with nine gears. Extra power wastes more fuel, dropping the mileage to 14 mpg combined. Max speed is limited to 150 mph.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class interior

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Diesel

There are also two diesel engines available for the vehicle. In both configurations, we see a 3.0-liter inline-six unit producing 280-325 hp and 450-515 lb-ft of twisting power. Diesel units are not as fast as its petrol siblings. The best 0-60 mph for them is 6.5 seconds, and a top speed of the G400d model is 130 mph. Of course, the fuel economy is much better, but still far away from the average for the mid-size segment. Next season we could see the AMG version of a diesel powertrain.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Mini

The G-Class is expensive, so the German carmaker is considering a lighter version. Ford is going to do it with a mean Bronco, and Mercedes will deliver a smaller and cheaper luxury SUV. The 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Mini should be produced in Russia and the first rumors are coming in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. The company is not confirming this yet, but teaser images are promising an interesting vehicle.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class mini

Features and Options

Every season brings something new for the exclusive SUV. The latest update brought a few things. But, the 2021 YM might get a larger upgrade. Genuine leather and exclusive details are making the cabin so special. The boxy look provides extra space above heads, although the design is not so aesthetic and you can hear the wind blowing at higher speeds. The dashboard comes with classic air vents with circular shape. Well, the classic accents finish there and the rest of the cabin is offering some of the most advanced functions in the automotive industry.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with the MBUX system. The sunroof is standard. The highlight of the safety is a 360-degree camera. Lane keep assist is also there, and the driver can select one out of five drive modes. The Exclusive Interior Package will be available for $12,000 and Nappa leather is another cool upgrade. Buyers can also make the SUV sportier with special exhaust tips, AMG body styling, and unique brake calibers.

2021 Mercedes Benz G Class Price

The upcoming Mini G-Wagen drops the price under $100k, but it will still be very expensive. We don’t know exactly what options it keeps, but a huge V8 engine is not going to be part of the package. So, the price might be around $70,000. Meanwhile, the updated 2021 Mercedes Benz G Class will cost more than $130,000 and the AMG tuning is making the SUV one of the most expensive vehicles in the market, with the price tag around $160,000. There are no too many other SUVs above this mark (Range Rover SVAutobiography, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus).

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