2021 Nissan Paladin Review,

2021 Nissan Paladin

The comeback of the Xterra SUV, based on Navara truck, is near. After the release of the Terra model in China, rumors became louder. The return of Xterra means the 2021 Nissan Paladin might be back as well. However, the question is if the company replaced it with Terra. Paladin was a rebadged version of Xterra for the Chinese market. Now, we will see the old nameplate based on the new SUV, called Terra, launched two years ago.

Sources wrote about Paladin’s comeback in 2017 and the following year brought the Terra model in China. So, this nameplate might be a successor of the old model, although we believe the 2021 Nissan Paladin will have another run since the modern trends are in need of more SUVs and crossovers. The discontinuations are bigger surprises than the new arrivals and revivals of old badges. So, the Paladin might be at dealerships by the end of the next season.

2021 Nissan Paladin comeback

Truck-Based SUV

The 2021 Nissan Paladin will be based on the most popular truck in the world – Navara. The Japanese company is a leading truckmaker, and SUVs that use the same platform are especially popular in East Asia. Buyers from Chinese suburbs, Indonesia, Philippines, and other countries in this area are hungry for such vehicles, and since the departure of Xterra/Paladin, there is an empty spot in the lineup. Now, the new SUV is going to make it up for all these years.

Still, we cannot find too many similarities with Navara on the latest project. We mentioned that Terra is released in China. Its name suggests it has something to do with Xterra. But, this model was called Paladin in this country. Plus, the old vehicle was 15 inches longer than the new one. So, buyers will definitely need something bigger and stronger than Terra. That opens the door for the truck-based 2021 Nissan Paladin. Other companies are already in the market with their offer. Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour/Everest are the best-known. However, Isuzu is also there with D-Max, while Nissan is delivering a full-size Patrol.

2021 Nissan Paladin Will Be Full-Size Model

One of the options we can find is the rebadging of the largest SUV for this part of the world. Instead of Xterra, Nissan could deliver Paladin based on Patrol for the Chinese market. This is one of the oldest nameplates in the company. During the previous seven decades, we saw six generations of Patrol. In China, it was available as Sanxing Desert King. However, it happened 30 years ago.

Now, the 2021 Nissan Paladin might take the same platform as the Patrol. This SUV is using the same platform as the Navara truck. The architecture of this pickup underpins many other vehicles, including Mercedes X-Class. Now, Nissan is going to expand the offer of its vehicles in the fastest-growing market in the world. But, before this happens, the carmaker needs to develop an SUV that can meet all the requirements.

2021 Nissan Paladin spied

2021 Nissan Paladin Engines

We can only predict what will be under the hood of the 2021 Nissan Paladin. If it is going to be a rebadged version of Patrol, then a huge displacement will produce the power. The full-size model is using a pair of V8 petrol drivetrains, and a V6. On the other hand, the Navara truck is getting energy from smaller blocks. One of them is a petrol engine, a 2.5-liter inline-four. Other models are using diesel powerplants, which are not so likely for the Chinese market. This country fights against the pollution and buyers over there will rather see an electric unit instead of a diesel.

2021 Nissan Paladin Redesign

The new 2021 Nissan Paladin will have nothing to do with an old model. Well, Xterra is in the books now and all the new arrivals will come with a modern look. A couple of things are certain. For example, a huge V-Motion grille is the trademark feature of the Japanese company. Also, all the upcoming models will be capable of using hybrid and all-electric configurations in the future. The carmaker presented a few new concepts. Electrification is a key. Also, the new Paladin might offer a three-row layout, with the capacity to take seven or eight passengers. Upper trim levels will offer advanced options, such as ProPilot self-driving features. The company is working on a higher level of autonomous drive. Some say that models in 2022 might get a Level 4 system.

2021 Nissan Paladin interior

Release Date

Nissan has big plans for 2021 season. That is why we are not seeing them at showrooms this season. Well, the current coronavirus outburst is slowing things down, but be sure that the Japanese manufacturer is going strong into next year. All about the 2021 Nissan Paladin is still a rumor, but from everything we know, it is not impossible to happen. Still, the SUV is not appearing in next 12 months, since Nissan has a few other models set as the priority.

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