Genesis GV90 Rumors, Facts, Rivals, Release Date

Genesis GV90

Genesis is a new brand in the US soil. It is Hyundai’s luxury subsidiary. So far, the company launched GV80 mid-size SUV, the premium version of the new Palisade. Also, the work is in progress on GV70 and GV60. These crossovers were already spied. However, fans found out that the Korean carmaker plans to rival premium full-size SUVs, such as BMW X7 and Toyota Land Cruiser. The Genesis GV90 will be Hyundai’s representative in this segment.

We still don’t know anything about the Genesis GV90. Everything about the new SUV comes from speculations and theories. But, it has sense. Hyundai is showing hunger to take a larger slice of the market pie. Some were suspicious about the complete Genesis project. Now, with the GV80 out, we have a full right to expect other models. The GV90 will be the largest one, but it is still questionable what kind of platform it will use.

GV80 is Genesis' first SUV

Genesis GV90 Drivetrain

The Genesis GV90 will have to use a V8 power. But, its parent company is yet to get these units for any of its vehicles. At the moment, the largest engine Hyundai is offering is a 3.8-liter V6. It might be enough for the mid-size SUV class, but the full-size luxury model will need a lot more potential. If they want to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser, engineers will have to prepare something closer to 400 hp. If they want the GV90 to take on the BMW X7 and its upcoming M model, then a beast is required under the hood.

This is probably the biggest stumbling block on the Genesis way to the full-size segment. For example, even the more successful Honda is not competing in this class. However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for new arrivals. The Korean company could make a partnership with some of the giants in the automotive industry, which will provide engines for this project.

At this moment, Hyundai’s closest partner is Kia and we can see two manufacturers making the same moves in the last few years. However, we must admit Hyundai is usually a step ahead. But, none of them is using a V8 engine yet and it won’t be in independent production any time soon. So, we could see new collaboration, possibly with some German or US companies.

Electric SUV

Regarding the partnerships, Hyundai teamed up with Uber. Their project is to produce air taxi. But, the more interesting deal is the one with Canoo. This is a startup program from California and Hyundai found their ideas interesting. Two brands joined forces to develop an electric SUV. The announcement is full of standard phrases we can read whenever some EV project appears. But, a few things are pretty interesting, including autonomous drive, versatile platform, and possible release date. The Korean company plans to pump in $90 million into the development of electric units in the next five years. The Genesis GV90 might be the result of this investment.

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What Will Genesis GV90 Look Like?

Well, the all-electric model is not taking any of the existing design languages. This kind of SUV needs special styling. On the other hand, Canoo’s electric car is not an SUV. Well, this is the area where Hyundai can do everything on its own. They already prove that their designers are capable of making luxury models. On the other hand, if the GV90 gets a conventional engine, then its styling is going to be similar to other nameplates under the same badge.


We already mentioned the main rivals. Hyundai plans to launch the premium SUV in many markets, and Land Cruiser and X7 are the most widespread models. However, in the US, the situation is more complicated. Besides the Mercedes GLS and Range Rover, which are also available in Europe and many other countries, domestic carmakers are the most popular in the luxury full-size class. All of these models will have to do a lot to compete with Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

When Will Genesis GV90 Arrive?

There are a few possible hints and facts about the Genesis GV90 release date. The first one is that the SUV is not coming in the next two years, no matter if it is an EV or the model with conventional engines. Canoo announced plans to open offices in 2021, so this could mark the start of serious development. So, the GV90 is not going to arrive before 2022 or even 2023. Also, Hyundai needs a partner for a V8 engine, and it is not an easy process as well. After the company finds a suitable offer, engineers will need at least a year for testing and tuning.

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