2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG is a “Baby G-Class” SUV

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLG release date

It’s been seven years already since we’ve heard about the GLG Mercedes SUV. And ever since – nothing. This “Baby G-Class” model had an interesting concept – like a cheaper version of high-end SUV. But, for seven years, there were no rumors about its release date and price. Until now. The speculations about the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG are warming up after the announcement that the German company is bringing the all-new GLB Class. It takes the position between GLA and GLC, and many call it a “Baby GLG”.

But, where will the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG fit? The new 4×4 model will be more luxurious than standard GL-class models. Still, not too expensive as G-Class. The other “G” probably positions it between the GLE and GLS. The release date is still unknown. In a matter of fact, we don’t have solid proof of the GLG’s existence. No code name, no leaked info, not launching date schedule, no spy photos. All we have is an old concept and the new vehicle that should be the lighter version of this “Baby G-Class” SUV.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLG concept

2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG Rumors

Experts from Germany found some clues that could indicate the company will soon present the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG. First of all, the carmaker is developing the new body style for the upcoming GLE SUV. The GLG could use the same platform. Well, there will be a lot of differences between these two, but the new SUV will be a special version of the GLE. On the other hand, the development cost will be cut to a minimum.

Other sources are claiming the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG is taking on the Range Rover Sport. It is an ambitious plan, but only Mercedes can pull it off. Why? Land Rover Range Rover is a synonym for the complete package. Their models offer a lot of luxury, but still superb styling and performance. Although priced premium, the Range Rover Sport will give you everything. The upcoming GLG doesn’t have an easy task to match its offer.

What Do We Know So Far About the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG?

The new GLG model will bring the luxury of a G-Class for the new GLE SUV. That would be in short. The new model will definitely use a seven-seat three-row layout with plenty of space. Some sources from the company confirmed the SUV is going to use the special off-road 4×4 package with adjustable suspension and differential locks.

Back in 2012, we can find some more clues. The Mini-G was the code name back then and this model was supposed to compete with Land Rover Defender. However, the situation is not the same anymore. The GLG will have a new model to challenge. Whatsoever, the company planned to add the AMG version for the new SUV. Its production was planned for 2015, but it had never happened, as you know now. But, it seems like the time is for the 2020 Mercedes GLG.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLG spy photos

Release Date, Price

The new 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG is not cheap to build. Although it is going to use the same architecture as the upcoming generation of GLE SUV, the vehicle will need a lot of refinements to be the “Baby G-Class” or “Mini-G”, if you like it more. Well, we already had a promise that production will start in 2015. Mercedes failed to fulfill its words. Without explanation. But, it doesn’t matter why. Now, we don’t have official sources to confirm these stories. But, leaked sources are sometimes more reliable.

The German company could go after this premium SUV. Why? This segment is growing every day. We already got used to the GLE. The G-Class is out of the reach for most buyers. The 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG, or the “Mini-G” can offer some of the high-end features from the upper class at a reasonable price. Since it would use the same platform and body as the GLE, Mercedes is not rising too much.

The price will depend on how many features and options the company is offering from the G-Class. The cheapest model with the base package costs $125,000. The AMG badge will add over $30,000. On the other hand, the new GLE is much cheaper, available from $65,000. The AMG adds $50k, but a 5.5-liter V8 engine over the 2.0-liter turbo-four. So, the new GLG will take the position somewhere between two basic models, which means we can expect it around $85,000.

2020 Mercedes - Benz GLG off road concept

2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG vs Range Rover Sport

New rumors brought the new rival for the 2020 Mercedes – Benz GLG. It is the Range Rover Sport. It belongs to the mid-size class and it enters the new generation next year. This is the second largest Range Rover SUV. However,  it comes with a variety of engines, from four-cylinder powertrains, up to high-output versions of a 5.0-liter V8 unit. The SVR model is capable to produce 575 hp. The next Sport model will probably get the PHEV version as well.

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